Jeffrey Lucas Jr.


Jeffrey Lucas Jr.

Who I am

Jeffrey Lucas Jr.

I’ve been a Christian money guy for over a decade helping hundreds of clients achieve their financial goals.

My personal financial goals were on track and I was quite proud of that fact, until God invited me into something different, something more dangerous, something unpredictable.

God began to not only deconstruct the kingdom I had built for myself; asking me to lay down my income, then my assets and ultimately my security, but he deconstructed my ‘Money Theology’.


What I’ve WRitten

October 2022

A genesis story from the Battle of Sepphoris 4 B.C.


Helping Leaders Separate Their Financial Health From Their Nonprofits

Mission Minded Money for Kids Curriculum

Teach kids about money

Teach kids about money without teaching them to love it.

Debut Novel

Spring of 2023


What I’m Thinking about

What’s faithfulness look like? Is it gaining power or prestige? Is it “winning” and getting our policies passed? Or does Jesus invite us to something else? Something less predictable. Something more risky.

Live Sermon- Money on a Mission

Live Sermon- Money on a Mission

I had the privilege of speaking at Journey Community Church recently.

The church was gracious enough to pass the audio file on to me and now I’m sharing it with you.

If you’d like for me to come to speak at your church, event or small group get in contact with me.


What if I Supported a Ministry in Scandal?

What if I Supported a Ministry in Scandal?

It seems we can’t go a week without uncovering a scandal of a well-known ministry. From Mars Hill to Bill Hybels to Ravi Zacharias, we seem to be in a season where the mighty are falling. I often scan the horizon to see if one of the ministries or pastors I think highly of might be next. What if one of the organizations I’m involved with falls? What if I’m giving money to the next cautionary tale in power abuse, sexual exploitation, or using godliness as a means for gain?         

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Know someone who lives with faith in their finances? I’m interviewing people who have taken giants leaps of faith to follow the call God has on their life. If you know someone who’s left a lucrative career to enter ministry, runs a mission-oriented business, or has experienced a financial miracle, nominate them as a guest on the podcast.