Best Travel Credit Card Offers

Some of these are referral links for me or some other travel-hacking pros that I know. If you use one them that’d be cool, but if you can find another deal on a different site use the one with the better offer. Please remember, don’t get started down this road unless you are completely out of credit card debt and intend to pay these cards off monthly. Any savings for travel won’t offset the super high interest rates of travel credit cards. If you need help getting out of debt, or want to have a better understanding of strategic card opening, reply to this email and I’ll be glad to help you.

Here’s the Top Travel Credit Card Offers (These could change without my knowledge read the particulars before signing up):

Chase- Sapphire PreferredGet 80,000 points (up to $1,000 in travel) through One Mile at a Time.

Chase- SouthwestGet 40,000 Southwest Miles after spending just $1,000 with this link from 10xtravel

Capital One Venture Card‘Erase’ $500 in Travel Expenses with this link from Straight to the Points

Chase Ink Business CashGet 75,000 points (up to $750 in travel) through my referral link