I’ve been a Christian money guy for over a decade helping hundreds of clients achieve their financial goals.

My personal financial goals were on track and I was quite proud of that fact, until God invited me into something different, something more dangerous, something unpredictable.

God began to not only deconstruct the kingdom I had built for myself; asking me to lay down my income, then my assets and ultimately my security, but he deconstructed my ‘Money Theology’.

Truth be told, I went through a faith crisis, an emotional crisis and an identity crisis all at the same time. Emerging from this experience I realized that no Christian money guy was talking about money in a way that fit in with the narrative of the Bible or the invitations of Jesus.

A natural rebel, but finally with a cause, I have started challenging the ‘Biblical’ financial wisdom that is so prevalent today and begun to dream of a world where followers of Christ actually use their money as if they were on a mission for God. What if a Christian money guy actually taught you to look like Jesus not get rich?

When I’m not writing or challenging conventional wisdom, I love to jump into hobbies that I have no idea what I’m doing and build micro businesses out of them. I’ve rented bounce houses, roasted coffee, raised chickens, and rehabbed rental properties.

I pastor the Vineyard Church in Plain City, OH and still work in the financial services industry. I’m a freelance writer for sites like 10xtravel.com. And enjoy helping people start up their businesses or non profits.

My wonderfully patient wife, puts up with all my antics as we raise and homeschool our five awesome children in West Jefferson, OH.

You can find all my published work here.

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