Jeffrey Lucas Jr. on personal finance

I was an investment advisor, teaching the wealthy how to get more wealthy. Keeping track of the money and the markets. My cufflinks were shined and my shoes were polished. I was doing all the things ‘they’ tell Christians to do with their money. Everything was in it’s place. A nice, neat, orderly prosperous life.

Until God told me to stop.

I had to make a choice. Live out my comfortable existence and miss the mission God had for my life. Or risk it all, go for broke, and live the life He designed for me.

I left my cozy corporate job and my predictable life became an exciting, faith-filled, glorious mess.

Maybe you’re like me. Maybe you think:

Why is Christian Financial advice solely focused on attaining wealth?

If we are supposed to be people with an eternal perspective, why do we think about money the same way as people with a temporal one?

How should I use my money to be a fruitful Christian and grow in the Mission God has for me?

I invite you to join me on the journey, as you go from a life trapped by the ‘cares of this world’ or ‘deceitfulness of riches’ into living out your Mission God created in you before the foundations of the world.

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